Clay Ocean Diorama

Ocean Diorama 2
Clay ocean diorama
       This ocean diorama with a clay mermaid accompanied by a cute clay pet whale , clay crab and numerous clay sea weeds is my little girl's creation.
Ocean Diorama 12
Clay Crafts
          I was in fact somewhat amused when I got an email from Kores Kool Clay asking if my kiddo would be interested in working with Kores clay!! And here I thought people came to the blog to see my work !! 
        I accepted the offer on behalf of my daughter as we had already worked with Kores clay before and I knew she could easily work with it unlike some super sticky brands of clay which she disliked!
         Well little crafter took her designer job very very seriously and even made me take a video of her making the clay mermaid [but somehow me not too comfy about putting her on you tube...what say friends?]!
Ocean Diorama 13
Clay Mermaid
Well here is her mini tutorial in her own words:
1. Make a ball with white clay for the face
2. To make hair-flatten red clay ball with a vessel - quicker than rolling it out as per the expert! Cut it into strip and stick on head
Ocean Diorama 3
Clay mermaid
3.Make eyes with bits of white, green and black bits of clay
Ocean Diorama 4
Clay Mermaid
Steps 4, 5, 6 are missing as I got a patient's call and by the time I got back the little crafter had already made the mermaid's body !For some reason the mermaid's head disliked the body and resisted pushing,squashing, scolding and even the ultimate crafters' fail-safe of gluing so we decided to skewer her together with a broomstick !! [yeah we crafters have to be a bit brutal at times ,don't we?!]
Ocean Diorama 5
Clay Mermaid
As a final touch mermaid got a sequin flower and can you see the tiny "umbilicus" on the cutie tummy ?!
Clay crafts
My little girl recycled an old cardboard box lid  [by painting it blue] to create a setting for her ocean diorama.
Ocean Diorama 6
Clay Mermaid
We placed little mermaid on a real sea shell sofa and according to my daughter little mermaid had just got back from collecting pearls [you can spy the treasure in her  pink clay basket!].
Ocean Diorama 7
Clay flower
My daughter's big red clay flower perhaps bears no resemblance to any aquatic botanical species ...but then we do have artistic license!! We made the seaweeds from green clay and stuck them atop real sea shells.
Ocean Diorama 9
Clay roses
Most clay brands we get here in India dont have the color pink [ a bit weird!] but Kores clay does have unusual popular colors such as black and pink and I couldn't resist contributing the little pink clay rose buds to the diorama.These easy to make clay roses are just rolled up clay strips.Here is a link to a proper Clay rose tutorial 
Ocean Diorama 10
Clay roses
How do you like my daughter's smiley crab and standing seaweed ? She was so pleased she could make the seaweed stand by curving its shape...ha ha imbibed physics lesson ! The corals in the diorama are treasures we  brought  back from a Malaysian holiday[ Oh I do love that country--- its a holiday haven for nature lovers!]
Ocean Diorama 11
Clay crab
We duplicated the orange and velvet sea sponges from the graphics behind the crab into matching clay sea sponges !
Ocean Diorama 8
Clay crafts
Since I have a crafty little girl I  buy a lot of clay and have tried many different clay brands. What we especially liked about the Kores Kool clay is its not sticky , its easy to mould and shape and wont stick to moulds or cutters. And true to their claim of "never drying"...the clay figures remained the same even after a week in our humid hot Indian climate!
Ocean Diorama 2
Clay ocean diorama
I hope you enjoyed seeing my daughter's ocean diorama ...do spare a moment to comment [ She does read the comments and smile from ear to ear when you praise her !!]

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